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Creative Writing for Grades 3-6, Writing About a Historical Event
Recorded course taught by Jackie de Laveaga Grade School Grade School Writing: 3rd-6th grade


There are three courses in the Grade School Creative Writing series. These courses are not sequential and so you can take one, two, or all three courses. They are labeled Writing the Story of a Saint, Writing Historical Fiction, and Writing a Story from a First Person Perspective. 

NOTE: This course series was formally labeled with "A, B, and C" and also referenced certain historical eras. We have renamed the courses, though you might see reference to old course titles in recordings and Powerpoints. The courses are the same. The content is reflected in the title on the course page in Caravel. All three courses may be used as a solo class or as a series, and students may choose any historical era for the setting of their stories.

Each course uses a similar story-building format; however, each course builds toward a unique project. 

With this short creative writing course, your 3rd through 6th grader will compose a short creative writing piece based on a historical event and continue to develop the joy of writing.

How to get the most out of Creative Writing Workshop for Grades 3-6  with Jackie de Laveaga, M.Ed.:

      • First, read the course materials below before the first class meeting.

      • Then have a notebook ready and available for class notes each live session.

      • Read assignments before class meetings

      • Watch that week’s recording if you need to revisit information from our live session.

      • Do the assignments, quizzes, and any extra work assigned for that week.

      • Once the course is completed to the parent's and professor’s satisfaction, there is a Certificate of Completion at the end to be filled in for your records.

Special notes: This course, which can be taken with the Grade School Unit Study Program or by itself. Students can take all three parts. 
Total classes: 6

Duration: 40 minutes
Prerequisite: Students should be able to easily compose 10 sentences when given a topic, preferably in their own handwriting. Parents can choose to take narration while the student composes the writing aloud. Basic elementary school punctuation mastery is recommended (or parents can edit with students prior to submission.) The final story submission will need to be polished and typed. Note: Many students can invent language at a skill level beyond their ability to handwrite or type their work in a reasonable amount of time. This course can work for the child who struggles with handwriting and/or typing if the child’s oral language skills are ready for the class and parents are willing to write/type for the child.
Parent Involvement: Parents should expect to be heavily involved in their student’s work. Skills will be taught each week, and then students will complete homework and submit for feedback. Timeliness of submissions is crucial for students to get timely feedback and stay with the rhythm of the course. Most students will need parental guidance and accountability for class time each week and for homework.
Suggested grade level: 3rd to 7th grade
Suggested credit. ¼ semester Creative Writing or English
Course description: Learn how to write a historical fiction story! Mrs. de Laveaga will coach students through a process for writing a story based on a historical event. After five to ten minutes of instruction in a story’s character development, setting, conflict, and resolution (as it relates to the historical era), over five weeks, students will produce a polished story as an end project for the course. Story form will also be discussed, in relationship to the joy of writing and storytelling. The course offers three levels of assignment completion, so parents can decide which level is appropriate for their student. As a bonus, students will be instructed on how to place their story into a homemade book form, so they can add the book to the family library or “gift” the book to someone special.
Course materials: All materials are provided free by the instructor.
Homework: Students will read course material, submit the assignment for each step of the course, and then submit a final project for teacher grading. Students will spend an average of two (2) hours per week on homework in addition to class attendance.


Instructor: Jackie de Laveaga, M.Ed.
Instructor email: hsc@delaveaga.app 

If you have any questions please contact us at homeschoolconnections@gmail.com.

©2021 Homeschool Connections and Jackie de Laveaga, M.Ed. All rights reserved. This course is designed by Jackie de Laveaga, M.Ed.

  • This material is only to be used for its intended purpose by active subscribers of Homeschool Connections. Any other use without explicit permission is in violation of the seventh commandment (yes, the 7th commandment) and in violation of US and International copyright laws.

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Course name
Creative Writing for Grades 3-6, Writing About a Historical Event
Jackie de Laveaga
Grade School ➤ Grade School Writing: 3rd-6th grade
Grade level
Grade School
Course type
Recorded, free with subscription
Start time
September 21st, 2020 at 12:00 AM ET
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Relative due dates are enabled for this course.

About Jackie de Laveaga

Mrs. de Laveaga holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Secondary Education and a Master of Education degree with an emphasis in Language Arts Instruction.

Her career includes teaching both synchronous and asynchronous courses for students in middle school and high school in writing, humanities, literature, and journalism.

Mrs. de Laveaga co-led a community college writing portfolio program, taught accelerated college composition and literature courses, and developed an online journalism course program which included developing a student newspaper website for high school students. She is the creator and developer of the Homeschool Connections Four-year Grade School Project-Based Unit Study. 

Mrs. de Laveaga has produced community Shakespeare plays with multi-aged groups. She loves homeschooling and learning with her own family (two college-graduated and married, one in college, and two more at home). Her hobbies include hiking, camping, backpacking, and traveling; book clubs; and drinking excellent coffee. Mrs. de Laveaga lives with her husband and family in Arizona.

Click here for more info about Jackie de Laveaga!

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