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Course name
Grade School Multi-Subject Unit Study, Year Two: Medieval Era, Part One
Live course taught by Jackie de Laveaga for Fall 2024 Grade School Unit Study: 3rd-6th Grade

 Integrate several subjects with this project-based unit study to bring the joy of learning right to your living room. If you like being involved in your child’s learning, with hands-on activities, read-alouds, literature, and memorable projects learned together, this is the course for you!


Special Notes: Due to the popularity of this course, it is offered twice (on the same day). Choose the time that works best for you and your homeschool.

This is Part One of a two-part course. Students are expected to enroll in Part Two offered in the Spring semester. 

Multiple Students Per Family: Siblings can watch the sessions and complete the automated quizzes for FREE. However, only enrolled students may submit and receive teacher grading on select assignments. To receive teacher grading for additional students, enroll each additional student independently.

See https://homeschoolconnections.com/grade-school/ for more details and FAQ’s about our grade school unit studies.


Total Classes: 12

Class Dates: Tuesdays, September 17 to December 10, 2024 (No class Nov. 26)

Start Times

10:00 AM Eastern (9:00 Central; 8:00 Mountain; 7:00 Pacific)


2:30 PM Eastern (1:30 Central; 12:30 Mountain; 11:30 Pacific)

Duration Per LIVE Class: 25 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of optional student sharing on camera (off recording)

Fee: For all 12 classes: $269 if you register on or before July 15, $289 if you register after July 15. (Registration closes one week before the first day of class. After that date, registrations are not guaranteed. There is a $20 surcharge for late enrollments after the course is closed.)

Course Description: This is a multi-subject unit study designed to promote a joy for learning as a family. There is an engaging LIVE class weekly. A weekly checklist of activities and assignments and a timeline template is provided as well as a suggested daily schedule for a four-day school week. The units follow a four-year history sequence using Phillip Campbell’s Story of Civilization series. You can join us anywhere in the sequence (the courses do not have to be taken in order).


List of Subjects Scheduled for the Four School Days (Per Week)

* History (45-60 minutes per week)

* Literature (45-60 minutes per week)

* Greek & Latin Roots (10-15 minutes per day)

* Poetry Memorization (10-15 minutes per day)

* Creative Writing (60-90 minutes per week)

* Science (60-90 minutes per week)

*Saint Studies (15 minutes per week)

* Project Work (time varies per family choice; suggested 60-90 minutes per week)


Course Materials: The same texts are used for both parts of the series. See BookFinder.com for the best prices. Purchase or borrow the following books for the school year (required):

The Story of Civilization (TSoC), Volume 2: The Medieval World, by Phillip Campbell (ISBN-10: 1505105749; ISBN-13: 978-1505105742) (All Year) Note: Supplementary TSoC Student and Teacher texts and Audio/Video products are optional. We recommend adding supplementary texts (as well as audio and video materials) as tools for further engagement.

The Story Book of Science, by Jean Henri Fabre (ISBN-10: 1599150255; ISBN-13: 978-1599150253) (All Year)

Insect Adventures, by Jean Henri Fabre (ISBN-10: 1500196452; ISBN-13: 978-1500196455) (All Year) Note: For an advanced reader in the family, consider adding Fabre’s Book of Insects to the family reading (optional and will not be on the schedule).

Once Upon a Time Saints, by Ethel Pochocki (ISBN-10: 1883937159; ISBN-13: 978-1883937) (All Year)

More Once Upon a Time Saints, by Ethel Pochocki (ISBN-10: 1883937345; ISBN-13: 978-1883937348) (All Year)

English from the Roots Up, Volume 2, by Joegil Lundquist (ASIN: B00E322V94). Any new or used volume works. Families will also buy or make the study flashcards for this book. (All Year)

 Saint Benedict, by Mary Fabyan Windeatt (ISBN-10: 0895554275; ISBN-13: 978-0895554277) (Fall only)

 If All the Swords in England: A Story of Thomas Becket, by Barbara Willard (ISBN-10: 1883937493; ISBN-13: 978-1883937492) (Spring only)

 Son of Charlemagne, by Barbara Willard (ISBN: 9781883937300; ISBN-10:1883937302 (Fall only)

Francis and Clare, Saints of Assisi, by Helen Walker Homan (ISBN-10: 0898705177

ISBN-13: 978-0898705171) (Spring only)

Saint Thomas Aquinas: The Story of “The Dumb Ox, by Mary Fabyan Windeatt (ISBN:  9780895554208) (Spring only) ($5-$9). (This is an optional read during the final weeks of coursework, which students finish independently.)


Pictorial Encyclopedias

Families will use pictorial encyclopedias throughout the year that include plants, animals, and insects. Because students will be pulling out key facts from the encyclopedias for their work, and they will need ample facts from which to choose, please avoid using primary-level books and choose books at a reading level above the 6th grade. We recommend the following three books, as low-cost, high-interest options. See BookFinder.com for affordable used copies.

 Reader’s Digest North American Wildlife (ISBN-13: 978-0895771025; ISBN-10: 9780895771025) (All Year)

 Animals: A Visual Encyclopedia (ISBN-10: 0756691702; ISBN-13: 978-0756691707) Any used volume will work. (All Year)

Smithsonian Handbooks: Insects (ISBN-10: 0789493926; ISBN-13: 978-0789493927) Any used volume will work. (All Year)

Homework: Each week, students take auto-graded quizzes on the readings to check for understanding. These quizzes are set up for unlimited use, and multiple students from one family can take the quizzes (multiple times, if needed). Students also may submit one assignment each week for teacher feedback. Some assignments will be graded by the parent. The assignment type varies between project work, writing assignments, and art.

Course name
Grade School Multi-Subject Unit Study, Year Two: Medieval Era, Part One
Jackie de Laveaga
Mandi Gette
Fall 2024
Grade School ➤ Unit Study: 3rd-6th Grade
Grade level
Grade School
Course type
Seats available
50 seats available
Seats remaining
43 seats remaining
Start time
September 17th, 2024 at 10:00 AM ET
End time
December 10th, 2024 at 4:00 PM ET
Access start time
September 3rd, 2024 at 12:00 AM ET
Access end time
June 30th, 2025 at 12:00 AM ET
Enrollment availability start time
March 19th, 2024 at 10:12 AM ET
Early enrollment discount ends
July 15th, 2024 at 11:59 PM ET
Late enrollment penalty start time
September 10th, 2024 at 12:00 AM ET
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September 13th, 2024 at 12:00 AM ET
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About Jackie de Laveaga

Mrs. de Laveaga holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Secondary Education and a Master of Education degree with an emphasis in Language Arts Instruction.

Her career includes teaching both synchronous and asynchronous courses for students in middle school and high school in writing, humanities, literature, and journalism.

Mrs. de Laveaga co-led a community college writing portfolio program, taught accelerated college composition and literature courses, and developed an online journalism course program which included developing a student newspaper website for high school students. She is the creator and developer of the Homeschool Connections Four-year Grade School Project-Based Unit Study. 

Mrs. de Laveaga has produced community Shakespeare plays with multi-aged groups. She loves homeschooling and learning with her own family (two college-graduated and married, one in college, and two more at home). Her hobbies include hiking, camping, backpacking, and traveling; book clubs; and drinking excellent coffee. Mrs. de Laveaga lives with her husband and family in Arizona.

Click here for more info about Jackie de Laveaga!

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