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Course name
American People, Part Two
Live course taught by Christopher Martin for Spring 2025 Middle School American History

From Abraham Lincoln to Fulton Sheen, and many in between, explore American history through the stories of many famous men and women of the time.

Course Description: This course tells the story of American history from the Civil War through the 1960s, through the stories of the important men and women of the times.

Instructor Bio: Christopher Martin, PhD

Special notes

Special Note: Includes an optional writing component. This is Part Two of a two-part course. However, students are not required to have taken Part One to sign up for this class.

Total classes


Class dates

Wednesdays, January 8 to April 23, 2025. (No class March 5 & April 16)

Starting time

2:30 PM Eastern (1:30 Central; 12:30 Mountain; 11:30 Pacific)


55 minutes



Suggested grade level

6th to 8th grade. High School students welcome - adjustments can be made to assignments to accommodate older students.

Suggested credit

One full semester of American History


Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction and overview of syllabus and assignments

Week 2: Abraham Lincoln, and the Civil War

Week 3: Ulysses Grant, and Reconstruction

Week 4: Susan B. Anthony, and the Women’s Suffrage Movement

Week 5: Thomas Edison, and Nikola Tesla

Week 6: Robert LaFollette, and the Progressive Era

Week 7: Woodrow Wilson, and WWI

Week 8: Bessie Smith, and the Jazz Age

Week 9: Franklin Roosevelt, and the Dust Bowl

Week 10: Chester Nimitz, and WWII

Week 11: Douglas MacArthur, and the Korean War

Week 12: John F. Kennedy, and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Week 13: Rosa Parks, and the Civil Rights Movement

Week 14: Fulton Sheen, and the Modern Age


  • Course Materials: Provided free by the instructor.


Homework: Writing is an integral part of demonstrating both the assimilation of knowledge, and the articulation thereof. Therefore, students will be guided through the process of writing a short  (1-2 page, double-spaced) review of a book of their choice relevant to the subject matter. 

NOTE: High School students taking this course may instead write a 3-5 page book review
Also, students will have weekly, optional, short (5-10 minute) quizzes based on classroom lectures and discussions


Fee: For all 14 classes: $227 if you register on or before November 15, $247 if you register after Nov. 15. (Registration closes one week before the first day of class. After that date, registrations are not guaranteed. There is a $20 surcharge for late enrollments after the course is closed.)

Course name
American People, Part Two
Christopher Martin
Spring 2025
History ➤ American History
Grade level
Middle School
Course type
Seats available
25 seats available
Seats remaining
24 seats remaining
Start time
January 8th, 2025 at 2:30 PM ET
End time
April 23rd, 2025 at 4:00 PM ET
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December 25th, 2024 at 12:03 AM ET
Access end time
December 30th, 2025 at 12:00 AM ET
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February 26th, 2024 at 5:03 PM ET
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November 15th, 2024 at 11:59 PM ET
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January 1st, 2025 at 12:00 AM ET
Enrollment availability end time
January 4th, 2025 at 12:04 AM ET
Relative due dates
Relative due dates are disabled for this course.

Dr. Martin teaches history and theology for Homeschool Connections, and serves as an Adjunct Professor of History at both Southern New Hampshire University and Antelope Valley College. He holds BA degrees in History and Theology from Christendom College (2007); an MA in History from National University (2012); and a Ph.D. in History from CGU (2018). Dr. Martin's research interests include the Lost Cause, the Federalists & Anti-Federalists, and the Impact of Wars and Depressions Upon the American Social Mind. He lives in Alpine, California, with his wife and three sons.

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